Anna's Story

Names and other details have been changed to protect identities.


John told me he was 23, but the police told me later he was 44.

We became friends because he used to buy us all cigarettes and drinks and that. He let us go round his flat to hang out. We knew he was trying to get with us but we just led him on to get stuff out of him.

One night, he tried to touch me and kiss my mate and we panicked. It kicked off and we had a massive row in the car when we made him take us home.

“I thought I was in control of the situation, but when he got angry, I realised I wasn’t.”

I called the police later that night. My friend didn’t want to. Said we would get in trouble, but I was scared by how angry he’d got. I was worried what my dad would say too, but I didn’t know what else to do.

During their investigation, the police discovered that John had ‘befriended’ several other girls, and made illegal sexual advances to them. John was found guilty and sent to prison for five years.

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